In 2008, my parents got annoyed with my brother and I calling and asking them “How do I make cottage cheese pancakes again?” or “How come my Guacamole never comes out as nice as yours?”. They decided to take the time to write out a recipe book for us with all the family favourites, having it printed and giving it to us for Christmas. Well, 6 years, and still many phone calls later, they updated it with all the additional (or missed) recipes.

Both of mine have been cherished and have many a sticky or dog-eared page: the best compliment to a cook book.

Now, another 8 years later, I’ve decided to compile my own “recipe book” of sorts, and it was a logical step to preserve these recipes digitally, for sharing and for reference should a book be damaged or lost.

The dedication in the 2014 edition reads as follows:

This cookbook is dedicated to our family.


When they use it, may it bring back good memories of times when the whole

family sat down to eat together.

Tony & Barb, their boys and their families.

October 2014

Front Row:  Ezra, Haydon, Ayden, Gregory

Back Row:  Jenn, Andrew, Vanessa, James, Rachel